All Copies of Issue 10 Have Gone To Fulfillment!

Issue 10 is out the door.

It’s available on Amazon now!

Some of the changes which Amazon has implemented reassure us in our decision that using a subscriber method going forward is unfeasible unless better solutions can be found all around.

Beyond issues we have with the existing crowdfunding platforms available, the following KDP issues are unacceptable:

-It’s impossible to “hide” a book from Amazon until subscribers have been sent their copies. We pulled out all the stops to get all of the physical backers’ copies sent to fulfillment this morning and this afternoon, but it still meant that Issue 10 was up on Amazon for two days before any subscribers were sent their copies.

-Entering fulfillment info on Amazon now takes 3 times as long due to several additional steps per order not present in Createspace.

-Amazon cannot fulfill to Australia. We have several Australian subscribers and at least one regular Australian contributor, and Amazon’s KDP denies users the ability to fulfill to Australia. Our Australian subscribers are being taken care of, but this is a hurdle going forward if we wanted to use a subscriber/fulfillment model like we have been using.

In more pleasant news, we’re finally finished with our submission pile, so we’ll be buying stories for 2019 very soon!

We hope that you will stick around, follow us, and stay regular readers even if we don’t spend two months out of every year flogging crowdfunding pages!

Once we get a lineup for 2019, we’ll let you know here, and maybe we’ll figure out a mailing list or something.


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