Happy Thanksgiving + Acquisitions Update

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Weekend!

Right now, I’m making final painful decisions on what stories to acquire for 2019’s line-up.

We’re getting into the part where I’m going to be crying over stories I have to say no to. There were so many great stories that you could probably put out at least three issues of Cirsova’s worth of good stories we had to turn away, if not more.

We’ll be getting offers out to authors next week; sorry that it’s taken this long.

As it is, 2019’s issues may be a bit thicker, because there’s a lot we really didn’t want to let go, so we’re stretching our budget as far as we reasonably can–in part because we’re banking on some especially cool news for our Spring issue, which we can’t tell you just yet.

xellos it's a secret

Maybe before Christmas.

We’re aiming for a lot more “weird” next year, which I hope people will genuinely dig, but we’ve still got our share of Raygun Romance and Sword & Sorcery.

In the meantime, please do what you can to support us by buying Cirsova Merchandise and back issues! Every dollar we make right now goes back into paying contributors and making Cirsova the best SFF magazine out there today!


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