If Your Copy of Cirsova Arrives Damaged…

If your copy of Cirsova you received as a Kickstarter backer arrives damaged, please let us know! Amazon is really good about replacing damaged-in-transit Print-on-Demand items. Send us a picture of the damaged item, and we’ll let them know you need a replacement copy.

If you ordered a copy of Cirsova from Amazon yourself and the copy arrived damaged, contact Amazon about a replacement copy and send pictures. Again, they’ve always been good about replacing damaged-in-transit items at no charge.

Please do not leave a review that the items were damaged in transit; Amazon most likely does not see these and we only see them when we’re cruising to see who’s reviewed us on Amazon or if someone points it out to us. We want our readers to be happy, and reaching out to us or to Amazon is the best way to ensure that you get your damaged copy of Cirsova replaced with a pristine one. If Amazon is unable to satisfactorily replace your copy, we will personally do everything we can to ensure that you get a replacement.


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