Acquisitions Update

I know what you’re probably thinking: Where has Cirsova been? Why haven’t they been updating?

Well, we’ve been too freaking busy buying stories, sending out letters, fulfilling subscriptions, etc. etc. to spend any time blogging about this or that little cool thing we’ve read, played, or been up to in general. Sorry!

We’re already blocking out issues 1 & 2 of Volume 2 for next year, plus we’re looking at doing a Summer Special, focusing on longer novelette and novella length works by a couple returning favorites as well as some newcomers.

We need to get a few checks in the mail for people who opted for paper-payment, but by next week, we’re hoping we should be able to officially announce our line-up.

We ended up buying 21 short stories, 6 novelettes, and a novella. Oof! More than we said we would, I know, but we’re crossing our fingers that the spring issue will bring in so many new readers and new revenue that we won’t regret splurging a bit for 2019.

In addition to all of this going on, we’re working on an anthology of weird stories by Misha Burnett and Louise Sorensen that should be published early next year. This isn’t the official announcement, just the tease. But it’s cool, I promise!

Finally, I’m freelancing on a new Clock book from Michael Reyes, which will reprint The Iynx from earlier this year along with an all new novella; it’s awesome and I can’t wait for you guys to see it!

So, that’s what I’m up to.

Yes, we’re still doing Stark, too, but since we’re not crowdfunding for it, there’s no real news on that until we get the last two covers in. Expect them out in late spring of 2019.



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