Quick Round-Up and Some News!

Our upcoming issue was mentioned in the latest Pulp Coming Attractions.

JD Cowan has reviewed Cirsova #8 here.

Deuce over at DMR Books did a spotlight on the new Tarzan story here.

We finished doing our taxes for the business yesterday. It was grueling. Our losses for 2018 were $1k less than our losses for 2017, and the losses for both years combined were less than what we’ve invested in Illustrated Stark and Duel Visions which will be released this year.

Sometime today, we have an interview going up on Toto in Hollywood (maybe).

We’re trying to get the Duel Visions pages for ebooks and print synced up. That should happen soon. You’re not going to want to miss it!

We’ll be doing the same for Illustrated Stark books once we find out why Enchantress of Venus isn’t populating on Amazon yet.

This Saturday, Michael Tierney will be on with Critical Blast alongside Peter Simeti of Alterna Comics.

Also, we finished doing layout for John E Boyle’s new book in his Children of Khetar series earlier this month; Raven’s Blood is available now. John’s been a big supporter of Cirsova, both through his advertising and by hiring me freelance on projects like this. There’s a lot of Cirsova goodness that wouldn’t have been possible without him, so be sure to show his new book some love.



2 responses to “Quick Round-Up and Some News!

  1. Thanks for the kind words and the cover shot of my new book.

    Now, we got to work on dragging Cirsova out of the red. That Illustrated Stark should help!

    • Definitely!

      And 2019 is already looking good! We paid Anton for art and Xavier for editing and paid to get the hardcover Illustrated Stark listed in IS’s YA catalog, and despite not having our January Amazon receipts in yet, we’re only a little in the red. This has been a good month for us for advertising!

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