Relaunch of Cirsova Opens to Huge Numbers!

The early numbers are coming in for the new Cirsova #1!

Over 400 copies have been sold thus far!

Thanks to everyone for making this our best launch ever!

If you haven’t bought a copy, you can

Or, if you HAVE bought a copy, you can leave a review, or buy some merch!

We’re trying to get a back-up Amazon print set-up so that we get a more favorable cut (the price difference per unit between Amazon and Ingram Spark is huge)–they’ll be the exact same book (and probably printed on the exact same presses), but we’ll make a lot more per copy. Unfortunately, changes to Amazon’s platform means that you can set something up, it can pass automated validation, allow for the publisher to print a physical proof copy, but when the publisher attempts to approve the title for publication, it can still be held up by some piddly thing. So, it’s good that we went through Ingram Spark, I guess, because a KDP-only Cirsova would be 4 days late at the earliest.

The elimination of Createspace has caused some huge head-aches for us, and we’re still navigating how to handle this new post-Createspace world of self-publishing. But despite potential lost revenues on price differences that we’re still trying to work out, I think we’ve managed to come through and are happy that the new Cirsova came out when we said it would.

Thank you for sticking with us through this transition and supporting us like never before!

We have more great stuff for you this year, some of which we’ll be announcing super-soon!

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