Gearing Up for Summer!

We should have the Summer Special populating out to distribution channels very soon, after which point we’ll officially announce pre-orders are live.

If you subscribe to our mailing list, we’ll be sure to send you an early link to the spring hardcover as well as a discount code to use with it.

And since we’re gearing up for summer, be sure to grab some summer gear!

Halcyon design is now up in our TeePublic store.

Only $13 for the next soontime!


Sale on J.D. Brink’s Green-Eyed Monster Anthology

Cirsova Contributor J.D. Brink’s anthology, Green-Eyed Monster, is out now and on sale through Mothers’ Day for .99 digital.

If you’ve enjoyed his Leonidas Hawksblood space pirate stories in Cirsova, now’s a good time to check out some of his other works!

Note that this is an unpaid shill. While we take advertisements from contributors, and J.D. Brink has bought advertisements from us in an upcoming issue, all Cirsova contributors have to do to get us to announce stuff is to let us know!

Leaving Castalia House

This May is the last month that I will be writing my Short Reviews column for Castalia House.

It’s been a ton of fun, but as the demands of the publishing business increase, I no longer have time to devote to it.

Also, as we move beyond just the flagship magazine, Cirsova Publishing is inching towards “competitor.” Cirsova is a distinct brand, company, and imprint, separate from Castalia House. While we’ve appreciated the platform, we don’t feel its appropriate to advertise our books when we may be competing for dollars with our host. We’ve been graciously allowed to plug our products on my column, but it’s a privilege I’ve not wanted to abuse. We also don’t want our products mistaken for our host’s offering (and it HAS happened).

But, Short Reviews will not be going away. In fact, it’s coming home to the Cirsova blog.

I plan on finishing the current issue of Planet Stories, finishing out May. There will be a migration period as we move older posts to our website, and we’ll pick back up in fall.

Hopefully this will help make up for the drop-off in non-shill content here at Cirsova as of late.

I’ll add that has NOT been sprung on CH; I’ve told them my plans weeks ago. And I’d like to thank Jeffro Johnson who brought me on board, Vox Day for hosting me, Doc Morgan, Nathan, and all the rest of the Castalia House crew for the good times and opportunity!

Summer Advertisements Due Friday!

We’re trying to get everything in for our Summer Special, which will be out June 3rd!

We need all Advertisements in by 5PM EST on May 10th!

250 Character Text Advertisement $25
1/4 page Advertisement $35
1/2 page Advertisement $50

1/2 Page – 7.5″ w x 4.5″ h or 3.5″ w x 9″ h
1/4 Page – 3.5″ w x 4.5″ h

Send images at 300 dpi and payment via paypal to cirsova at yahoo dot com!

front cover only


Surprise post! Berild, the Queen of the Martian Catacombs


01BerildTriptic_StarTwoA striking beauty in the hot desert land of Mars.

Being as careful as we can in order to shield you from any spoilers, today’s bonus post is to introduce Berild, heroine of the just published first volume of the Illustrated Stark: Queen of the Martian Catacombs by Leigh Brackett. Illustrations and cover art are by yours truly,  StarTwo, and published by the sci fi fan favourite, Cirsova Publishing.

Berild was an instant crush, the sultriness countered with the weight of secrets made the perfect recipe for the classic femme fatale role, when you know there might be poison on those full red lips but before you know it, you’re already leaning in for a kiss.

We were provided with the descriptions and had ourselves a read of the volume as well, in order to grasp the feel of the characters and environments. Here’s part of the text we received…

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