“Duel Visions” by Misha Burnett — BOOK REVIEW

New review of the Duel Visions Horror anthology!


About “Duel Visions” by Misha Burnett & Louise Sorenson::

“Is Death a dog or a cat? Would it be worse to be turned into a pig or a fish? After we die do we become characters in a movie, or parts for an old truck?

Weird fictioneers Misha Burnett and Louise Sorensen explore the dark depths of the human psyche across ten spine-tingling tales of terror and macabre.

The haunted visions these dueling tale-tellers have conjured find all the horrors that go bump in the night and make them dance for your delight… before drawing you down into the depths to join them.

We cordially invite you to share in our Duel Visions!”


There are two types of people when it comes to horror: those that immediately think blood & guts; and those who prefer a psychological approach to being scared. “Duel Visions” is a mixture of both of…

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