Final Days for Submissions, Discounted Wild Stars, and Other News


We’re on the home-stretch of our submissions window for 2020. The final day to send us something is this friday. Our current numbers are:

  • Unread: 79
  • Read: 34
  • Total: 113

As you can see, I’ve still got my work cut out for me. For comparison, when we were open for a full month last year, we ended up with 156 submissions. Glad we opted for only two weeks this time around.

Wild Stars

You might remember, due to very poor packing on the part of Ingram Spark, we had numerous copies of Wild Stars that were too mangled to send to crowdfund backers or go on retail shelves at Michael’s store. We don’t want to hang on to these, so we are offering them on Amazon for 1/2 off SRP. Most of the damage to these is on the corners, where they got dinged or crimped; definitely not pristine or collector-grade by any stretch, but if you want a cheap reading copy, we’ve made them available.

Also, we have made Michael’s stock of the first printing of Wild Stars III available on his behalf, including both covers and the hardcover. Supplies are limited.

Other Stuff

  • I have a big project that I hope I’ll be able to announce soon.
  • I swear, when I get a minute, I’ll write my review of Sunrider: Liberation Day
  • It turns out I DIDN’T miss Arkansas RPG Con, so I might be able to make it out this November and run some games after all! [I could’ve sworn it was in September, but I’m glad it wasn’t!]

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