Round 1 Notices Plus an Some Pulp Economics

Still making my way through the submissions pile. I’m nowhere near done, but I’m making progress.

I didn’t expect this many submissions to read, but we need to actually get the ball rolling on filling our Spring issue.

So, the first few offers have been going out, as have several of the first round rejections.

Even with just fewer than 100 stories left, at the high-end we’re looking at 250k words of fiction, which will cost us a little over $3k.

We’ve made offers on 10 stories, there are just under 50 that are still competing for slots. There are ~40 rejection letters we still need to write, but haven’t gotten to [the ~40 we’ve already written have taken up most my time devoted to it this week so far]. We need to read 95 stories still.

I meant it when I said that all stories will get a fair shake, but be aware that every new story we consider is something that will have to knock something else off the bubble.

Also, recently Something is Going to Happen posted an article that quoted a few of folks in the contemporary pulp scene about the economics of indie zines. You guys know me, I’m pretty cynical and know what I’ve gotten myself into, but Cirsova Publishing came close to turning a profit for the year. Before we started making offers, we were around $1800 in the black for the year. Now, all of that and then some will probably go towards making next year happen, but we came close to showing that IT IS POSSIBLE to make a little money at this. [you don’t want to know what the overall numbers across all 4 years are, though]

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