Happy Birthday, Leigh Brackett!

leigh bracket

Happy Birthday to Leigh Brackett, the Queen of Space Opera Science Fiction! Leigh Brackett was one of the best and possibly most important authors you’ve never heard of [unless you follow us, of course].

She was a fan-favorite in the pages of the pulps [and yes, the readers knew she was a woman, and if a neophyte reader misgendered her in the letters columns, editors were quick to correct them]. Some of her Hollywood screenplays are among the most beloved classics of all time.

These days, she gets short shrift in some circles, in part because of the Year Zero approach to culture that requires glass ceilings to be broken over and over again–plus the uncomfortable fact that she not only spoke up about NOT facing discrimination for being a woman in Science Fiction [Hollywood was another story], she was unapologetically /our girl/–her final sci-fi epic, Skaith, was Atlas Shrugged in Space with a black man siccing his psionic dogs on hippies and communists so that the people who worked for a living could escape to the stars with their labor intact.

We’re such huge fans of Leigh Brackett that this year, we published a fully illustrated 70th Anniversary edition of her Eric John Stark Planet Stories adventures!

Be sure to check those out [they’d make great Christmas presents] and her other many thrilling works!

3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Leigh Brackett!

  1. Now that’s an odd coincidence because yesterday I finally started reading The Illustrated Stark (I admit I had never read them before.) And speaking about anniversaries, the “70th” in the title is due to copyright issues and public domain? Because I read in the book that these stories are public domain but I thought that in the USA it was 70 years after the author’s death?

    • It depends on if it has been renewed and when, and based on all of the research I had done, it was never renewed. Recent reprints in big name anthologies [like the new swords against darkness] cited publication dates but no copyrights, for instant. I tried reaching out to the estate [the hamilton estate is held by a mom & pop firm] and was dead-lettered. The surfeit of shovel-releases available from etext rips was indication that, if nothing else, there was no active custodianship of these titles. In fact, at least another POD text-rip edition of Black Amazon was published just a month after ours.

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