The State of Things + Upcoming Issues, Projects

The cusp of the new year has me feeling like that moment right when one is about to reach the summit of a roller coaster–it’s going to be wild, the anticipation is building along with a sense of dread and excitement. When it’s all over, I’ll wonder how the hell I did it and got through it, knowing that it was momentum that did most of the work–I just had to hang on. But right now, it’s tense!

Spring is in the capable hands of Xavier; once I get it back and work in those changes, it’s off to Mark–then I bury Mark under the Summer special. The Spring issue is slated for mid-March. I feel like I’m behind, but I know it’s more that there are so many other things that must be done in addition to having the Spring issue ready.

Anton is hard at work on the cover for Spring, which will showcase an all-new Mongoose & Meerkat adventure, The Golden Pearl, by Jim Breyfogle!

Cirsova Publishing is also working with Jim to bring you guys an illustrated anthology of the first five Mongoose & Meerkat stories, plus an all new fantasy novella. We’ll have more details on that soon; we’re just hammering out a few things with our artist(s).

I won’t go into details, but December and the start of January have been ROUGH financially; we really need to get on the ball as far as advertisements go and doing a better job of maintaining our advertiser relationships. But suffice to say that advertisements help us A LOT, and we have space for advertisements in Spring that we need to try to fill by the end of this month.

Finally, you may have noticed that there are no more Short Reviews or Retro Fandom Fridays going up; this is because we’ve exhausted the queue of content from the three years I spent blogging at Castalia House. I don’t know when I’ll be able to catch up, and I unfortunately wasn’t able to build up a buffer during the six months I wasn’t writing any. But I still plan on resuming at some point, because creating a library of reviews of pulp stories, even if my reviews are mediocre at times, is probably one of the most valuable things I’ve managed to do to help point people interested in checking out the pulps in the right directions.

4 responses to “The State of Things + Upcoming Issues, Projects

  1. I second and third the point on the short reviews. Love them! And did I perhaps see their influence on your post about what you wanted to see in the submissions for 2020?

    Absolutely concentrate on getting out of the red. But I want to see the short reviews again.

    Wish I had something worth advertising in the Spring issue to help…

    • Thanks! Yeah, the stuff I currently read tends to have a lot of bearing on the sort of stories I’m looking for and end up buying–so at the same time, it also helps folks considering submitting to us to have an idea of exactly the kinds of stories we’re looking for.

  2. I’ll be giving y’all a shout out on my author Facebook and directing people to check out the magazine issues on Kindle. I believe I have quite a few friends who will want to read this magazine but are not currently aware of it.

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