Superversive Sunday Podcast + Quick Updates + Need Sponsors!

I’ll be on the Superversive Sunday Podcast with Ben Wheeler this Sunday talking about the future of the Magazine and the current state of indie publishing and short fiction.

Be sure to subscribe to their channel to receive a notification when it goes up!

We should have the cover art soon for Spring, and we’re in the process of lining up some other cover art from some guest artists; with some of the projects we have going on, we may be keeping Anton too busy to do covers for all five of this year’s issues of Cirsova. But I can promise you we’ll have some really cool artists filling in on a few covers!

Also, I’ll be able to announce them as soon as we’ve got the payments sent, but we’ll be attending a few local conventions this year to try to get the word out locally. It’s strange to think that our magazine has such global reach and even includes works by some local legends but is relatively unknown in our home town. So, we’re hoping we’ll change that in 2020.

We’re still looking for sponsors for this year! If you’re interested in being one of our sponsors, let us know! Our rates are posted here. These, more than anything else, will help us to defray our costs and keep bringing you excellent fiction year after year!


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