Lulu Burned Its Website to the Ground – Hold Off on Buying Cirsova Hardcovers

In an astoundingly bad decision, Lulu decided to migrate from their efficient, reliable workhorse site to an absolute dumpster fire over the weekend without warning anyone.

Thousands of authors and publishers were locked out of their accounts, myself included.

I’m able to get back in, but the back-end of the site is a disaster.

The migration seems to be piecemeal, and titles/projects don’t seem to have their files correctly associated at the moment, still, so I have no idea what would happen if you tried to order a book from them.

For all we know, you’ll end up with a blank book, and you’ll have had to pay full SRP because we don’t currently have a way to put the discounts back in place.

So please, until further notice, refrain from purchasing Cirsova Titles from Lulu.

If this means that Cirsova can no longer offer hardcovers, that’s sadly the breaks. We have the source files of all of our books, if things don’t work out with Lulu, getting them uploaded somewhere else is probably low priority–I don’t even know if Ingram will do dustjacketed hardcovers the way Lulu did, and they’re overpriced and trash anyway that we will only be using for print because we absolutely have to.

To those who don’t have Cirsova hardcovers, sorry, we don’t actually have any either. To those who do, you may have collectors items now.

Right now, Michael Tierney DOES have some copies of the Wild Stars omnibus; you might want to get those while you can.


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