Reminder! Summer Special is Out Soon + Lulu Hardcover Updates! Also, Mongoose & Meerkat news…

As you all know, the Summer Special will be out May 22nd.

It’s an all-star issue that you’ll definitely want to read!

It’s a double-length issue with nearly 100k words of fiction!

There had been some issues earlier with being able to pre-order the softcover version on Amazon, but it’s available for order now, so check it out!

Summer Special 2 2020 cover 0.03 Front Only

The situation with the Lulu hardcovers is being resolved, slowly but surely…

The Summer Special WILL be available for hardcover purchase.

Back-issues of Cirsova still need to be converted to the new trim sizes, but we’re making progress.

We’ll post an update when all of Volume 2 is available in hardcover again.

Wild Stars 35th Anniversary Edition should be available soon in a 2nd printing, but I want to get the proof before I start shilling the link for it. But if it’s good, I’ll feel confident to start shilling for ALL of our hardbacks as they become available.

Finally, Mongoose and Meerkat are well on their way towards being ready to go out the door. Jim Breyfogle received his proofs a couple days ago, and I should be receiving mine tomorrow. He says they look good; if I think they look good, too, we’ll put in the order for the gift sets. Jim’s sending me the signed book plates in the mail, so we’ll get those boxed and sent then direct fulfill the rest.

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