Where Has Cirsova Been? Busy!

We haven’t had much time to write anything new on the blog lately, because we’ve been damnably busy this last week.

We’re finally about to get the Mongoose & Meerkat gift sets from the printer, and those will go out soon, at which point we’ll also begin fulfilling other backer rewards.

The day job has also kept me exceptionally busy the last two weeks, but that hasn’t kept me from getting issue #4 [the summer regular issue] ready to go for the hardcover version [a proof is already on the way].

I’ve been getting a lot of comics lately, and since the COVID crisis shut down the industry, I’ve probably quadrupled my comic book collection by hitting up Michael’s 50-cent boxes and also some flea markets. My big trend has been towards picking up more indie titles from the 80s, generally avoiding capes for more nuanced fare, and also trying to get some of the 70s Charlton stuff. I REALLY like what Charlton horror I’ve read, and I want to find the rest of this:

Haunted Love #11 by Tom Sutton

The other thing I’ve been getting into has been Duck comics. They’re teaching me relax, not worry about autistic things like continuity and linking up consecutive runs, because THEY’RE ALL GOOD. You just pick one up and it tells between one and four complete stories in a single issue. [Most of what I’ve got are 70s reprints of 50s stories]. I’ll also throw out that Only a Poor Old Man worked better as a single issue comic story than a 5-part miniseries with Gizmoduck. [For those who don’t know, this was the absolutely insane story where Scrooge decides to hide his money in a reservoir to keep the Beagle Boys from stealing it. I love that Carl Barks lampshades that Scrooge’s swimming in money is not just absurd, it’s impossible (for anyone but Scrooge, that is) and he uses it as deus ex machina when Scrooge tricks the Beagle Boys into knocking themselves out by diving headfirst into his loot.]

Only a Poor Old Man - Wikipedia

Lastly, as you might know, the entire world is on fire this week, including to a small extent, my own town! We recently the SFWA when they spoke out in support of the rioters [along with every other major globo corp and mainstream musician and artist with possibly the exception of Sean Gordon Murphy, who is currently being excoriated for condemning violence] and were picked up by Bounding Into Comics for it. We hope this doesn’t cause any drama for any of our authors, but tbh, screw the SFWA.

In happier news, we’re already working on plans for 2021, and have made at least one early acquisition. We can’t really outline what is in store for people yet, but we promise it’s going to be really cool!

I hope that Short Reviews will be able to return, but I’ll probably have to reread the stories I’d read months ago in that last issue, and I honestly can’t remember anything about the last novella I read in the next issue I was planning on reviewing. That was months ago, between which I finished editing 3 issues of Cirsova, finished reading Rob Kroese’s Counterfeit Sorceror series, and read a bunch of comics. There aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week to get all of the reading I need to do done. So, Short Reviews, while they are not going away, may be a bit irregular.

I’m never doing 5 issues in a single year again, because it’s just way too much work on top of the increased demands of my day job!

Lastly, a week from tomorrow, I’ll be at Saline County Comic Expo with some stuff. I don’t know what or how much, but I’ll be there. I might even give stuff away for free so I don’t have to deal with my crappy tablet taking credit card orders.

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