Well, that was interesting…

Everyone remotely right of center was made to own what happened in Charlottesville.

But suggesting an organization like SFWA that explicitly supports the groups behind the violence ravaging communities across America bore any responsibility was beyond the pale.

The best any of the shrieking crazies could come up with was “you must be racist” or essentially parroting that old Donald Trump “there were good people” line we were endlessly told was bullshit and lie.

What is happening in America now is not just orchestrated, it is a damn symphony being conducted against black Americans.

  • conflate the struggles of African Americans with the political desires of radical ancoms [who are, ironically, mostly white]
  • create destruction in black communities, costing jobs, livelihoods and opportunity
  • that destruction and risk poisons the well to any outside investment in those communities, further depressing them
  • by tying this destruction to a black identity movement, the orchestrators know average Americans will become prone to lose their sympathies for black Americans
  • politicians, activists, the media, and global corporations are all behind and supporting this effort to destroy black america under the guise of saving it.

These politicians, these corporations, these activists, these vampires, they WANT white people to blame blacks, because it will give them further cover for the destruction of the old orders.

It’s easy to become blackpilled on race relations, but I will not go blackpilled on black people, because I know too damn many badass black folks, people who have been friends, supporters, creatives, artists and musicians who are the coolest people in the world.

And THAT is why I believe it is worth it to stand up against the vampires in BLM, SFWA, and every other “woke” organization out there.

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