New Mailing List Service + 2020/2021 News!

We finally got around to setting up a new mailing list service!

Everyone who was on the old mailing list has been moved to the new mailing list.

Until things are worked out with the domain registrars, emails will be coming from my email account [which those of you who’ve backed our kickstarters should be vaguely familiar with].

The link has been updated on our mailing list page, but if you want to subscribe from this post, you can do so via this link:

More News (2020)

The end is finally in sight for 2020. Contributors are looking at the Fall special and Anton is working on the cover. Mark and Xavier have both given me corrections on the Winter issue, so all I need to do is get Xavier’s edits in, run them by the contributors, and get Anton to do a cover for that.

The retail version of Jim Breyfogle’s Mongoose and Meerkat Vol 1 will be available August 3rd.

The Cirsova Summer Issue [Cirsova Vol 2 #4] will be out August 7th.

We’ve also signed on to do an exciting project with Misha Burnett a bit later this year that is deserving of its own post in the near future.

News for 2021

As you all know, we’ve made plans to run the rest of Mongoose and Meerkat, one story per issue until the finale, but we’ve got a lot of other stuff already lined up.

We will be serializing Michael Tierney’s new Wild Stars story, The Artomique Paradigm, across three issues in 2021. So, now would be a really good time to catch up on the previous Wild Stars adventures!

We’re also excited to announce that we will be serializing Paul O’Connor’s Badaxe comic. We will be digitally cleaning up and reprinting the original series across 3 issues in 2021 beginning with the Spring issue.

Something else that we’re aiming for, which everyone has been bugging us about since we first started this this, is to have some illustrations!

Well, yes, we’ll have the comics that we’re serializing, but we’ve been talking with DarkFilly about doing some interior art for the magazine! Mostly the Mongoose & Meerkat stories and maybe Wild Stars, but it’s on the table!

Right now, it’s still looking like 2021 will be “invite-only”. 2020 has been expensive and, let’s be honest, I’m prone to overbuying. Even going invite-only, I’m still prone to overbuy.

After 2020, I need a year to take some breathing room; a year where I will not be working 14 hour days to make the Magazine happen.

So, we’ll probably stick with three issues and we’ll be contacting authors on an individual basis to fill out the 2021 issues as we have budget to do so. Please understand, however, that space will be EXTREMELY limited, and if we’re not able to reach out to you for a story, it’s not because we don’t want a story from you. It’s because we very well CAN’T buy more from you and we’d rather not waste your time and get your hopes up for nothing if we’re unable to accommodate you.

If something changes, we’ll let everyone know, starting with our regular contributors.

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