10 Greatest R.E. Howard Sword & Sorcery Stories via Dave Ritzlin

Colleague and Cirsova contributor Dave Ritzlin has put together his list of Robert E. Howard’s 10 Greatest Sword & Sorcery stories, highlighting some real winners, including a couple of my faves.


“The Shadow Kingdom” illustration by Justin Sweet

I’m glad he included the Shadow Kingdom. I know that the Phoenix on the Sword Conan rewrite of this Kull story gets a lot of love in our circles, but the original Shadow Kingdom, to me, is a much more profound piece, setting the tone for Kull as a tragic, almost Shakespearean figure–his paranoia is justified; he is the eternal outsider, and he realizes that the corruption around him runs so deep that there’s little that one honest man can do to stand against it… but he must!

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