Two Weeks Left and We Still Need $5k More!

So far, we’ve only managed to raise just over 2k for our 5th Anniversary Issue. It’s hard to sell the hardcover on the merits of a cover by a famous and well-known artist when we don’t have the cover in hand, but some natural disasters in South America have led to some unfortunate delays. But rest-assured, the spring issue is happening and it’s happening with all three covers!

But why do we need the Kickstarter to succeed?

If the Kickstarter funds, we get the $7k RIGHT AWAY. That money will, of course, be used to fulfill physical copies to backers, but the art is all paid for already. The money that we have left over will be free to make 2022 acquisitions over the summer.

If we DON’T get the Kickstarter money, then we won’t see a dime from sales of this issue until July! Which means probably no open submissions. [If we got as many pre-orders and we get open submissions, this thing would fund in no time]. So, that would be that.

So, do us a solid: back the Kickstarter. If you’ve already backed the Kickstarter, get your friends to back the Kickstarter!

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