$8k Stretch Goal Update – New Digital Tier

Wow, the response to this project has been phenomenal!

We all thank you for you support!

We are adding a Digital-Only backer tier. Originally, I’d told someone that they wouldn’t have to select a tier to receive digital rewards… and that’s true! But I also realized that in order to get backer’s names (and not just user names) included in the “Thanks” appendix, we’d need survey responses and you can’t send surveys to backers with no tiers. 

The plan for the release will be as follows:

-Kickstarter ends, funds are released, and we collect surveys

-Backers will have two weeks to send in survey responses; if you do not send in a survey in two weeks, we will use your username in the “Thanks” section.

-Once the “Thanks” section has been added to the project files, we will upload the print files, do a final check, and place an order. 

-We’ll mail everything out to backers.

-Once everything is mailed out, we’ll send a link to backers where they can download the digital files.

-Once we have sent the link out, we’ll upload the plaintext file to Project Gutenberg

More on our $10k Stretch Goal soon!

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