What Will Cirsova Be Looking For In August?

Our August 1-7 submission window is coming up fast, and one of the questions we get a lot is “what are you looking for?”

Well, a lot of general suggestions can be found on our Submissions Guidelines page. But for more specific stuff…

Well, I know it’s probably not a great habit as an editor, but I generally like seeing content similar to whatever it is has me excited at the moment. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time to read the pulps because I’ve been so busy with this Julian Hawthorne project [which has even more exciting new stuff to come once The Cosmic Courtship is out the door]. In what free time to read I have, I’ve been reading a lot of older comic books. So, maybe take some inspiration from a few of these:

Dagar the Invincible (1972 Gold Key) comic books 1972
Occult Files of Doctor Spektor (1973 Gold Key) comic books 1976
Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 A.D. TPB (2010-2014 Dark Horse) comic books
Donald and Scrooge (1992) comic books
Ghostly Haunts (1971) comic books
Grimm's Ghost Stories, No. 17 (Death Rattle): Amazon.com: Books
The Strangest Northerns: The Mighty Samson - Dark Worlds Quarterly

Of course, it never hurts to have actually read some Cirsova to get an idea of the kind of stories we typically buy. My recommendations would be either Volume 1, Issue 4, or the Fall Special #1, because these both showcase the breadth of fiction we typically purchase.

5 responses to “What Will Cirsova Be Looking For In August?

    • Parker frowned. “I don’t like gold. It’s heavy, it’s tough to move, and if it’s got any markings on it you’ve got to get somebody to melt it down and make ingots or something before you can even start to move it. Plus, it tends to attract federal attention.”

      “I got that handled,” Grofeld said. “I got a fence lined up who’ll give us thirty cents on the dollar, and he’s willing to take delivery at the train station–we just have to shift the gold a couple of miles.”

      Parker nodded. “Okay,” he said. “Now about this target–when you say he’s a duck, what do you mean by that?”

      “I mean he’s a duck.”

      “In English?” Parker knew Grofeld picked up a lot of slang from his theater buddies, but he had little patience for it.

      “A duck,” Grofeld said slowly. “I mean that literally. He’s got wings, feathers, all that. He can talk and wear clothes and own a ton of gold, but he’s a duck.”

      Parker lit a cigarette, considering that angle. It wasn’t something he had encountered before. “A duck, you say?”

      “The whole town’s full of them. That’s why it’s called Duckberg. Everybody’s a duck in that town.”

      “Including the cops?”

      “Yeah. They’re duck cops.”

      Parker shook his head. “I don’t like it. The gold, the ducks–it’s just too weird for me.”

      • This reminds me of my idea to redraw Jon Sable as a Duck comic and call it “Donald Duck: Freelance.” Only way better, because you have the talent to pull yours off, I’m still trying to figure out how “How to Draw the Marvel Way” stick figures work..,

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