The Secret History of Trollopulous

This campaign has been a pretty big deal. I’ve really been wanting and meaning to do my own write-up on all of the United Caveman Federation happenings, and it will get written up at some point, but in the meantime, check out this [fairly] comprehensive history of the Trollopolous AD&D patron campaign.

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Okay, this was a very wild game with over a dozen players running strong for a solid month. When it worked, it really worked. When it didn’t work… opportunities were made for elite level players to seize the initiative. Factions lived. Factions died. The Trollopulous Universe will never be the same!

As I have mentioned previously, running AD&D with multiple player characters and domain-scale entities operating independently in sessionless 1:1 play will generate a LOT of secrets. I can’t detail everything that happened without spoiling some ongoing aspects of the campaign. But this type of gaming is so different from anything that anyone has really described up until now, so it seems I am OBLIGATED to spill at lease some of the beans here…!

This type of gaming allows you to fairly quickly answer a LOT of questions about the nature of a campaign world. In my 30 sessions from…

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Cirsova Submissions Will Be Open Sunday!

Cirsova Publishing will be accepting submissions for 2022 issues of Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring suspense starting Sunday, August 1st, and will run through August 7th.

For full details, please see our submission guidelines page!

We pay ~$0.0125 per word for fiction. We’re primarily looking for fiction between 2,500 words and 7,500 words. We may take stories 10,000 words or longer, but we strongly recommend against submitting novella length work without making prior arrangements with us, especially if you have not published with us before. Even 10,000-15,000 words can be hard to place, sometime!

Michael Tierney Talks About His New R.E.Howard Project

As you probably know, Wild Stars author and regular Cirsova Contributor Michael Tierney has been working on a new Art Chronology project, this time encompassing the works or Robert E. Howard.

I’ve seen the stacks and stacks of research material at his house while I was working with him on The Cosmic Courtship. It’s going to blow you away!

It’s got a high ticket price for entry, with $75 for just the PDFs, so this is definitely an aficionado item, but it’s doing gangbusters.

We still have about a week left on The Paths of Cormanor; we’re close to our first stretch goal for additional fiction.

As soon as The Paths of Cormanor wraps, we’ll be moving on to The Strange Recollections of Martha Klemm, where we’ll be collecting all of the remaining All-Story Weekly fiction of Julian Hawthorne in three volumes.

The Paths of Cormanor Reminder, Robert E. Howard Art Chronology, More Julian Hawthorne, and Open Submissions!

The Paths of Cormanor

Cirsova Publishing has just 8 days to go on the Kickstarter for Jim Breyfogle’s The Paths of Cormanor!

This new spin on the story of the Swan Princess is sure to delight fans of fairytale romance and fans of sword & sorcery alike! Following a confrontation with a monster from the elder days, Prince Kellen loses a piece of soul which becomes trapped within Amara, the Cormorant woman who saves him. While Prince Kellen goes on his own quest for the magic that will make his soul whole again, Amara must face her own challenges as another monster terrorizes the countryside and the march lord who should be dealing with the monster is terrorizing her family!

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Michael Tierney has a new project live through Chenault & Gray publishing.  Four fully-illustrated volumes covering the history of the art and illustration of the fiction of Robert E. Howard. This collection is a must-have for fans of Howard.

More Julian Hawthorne

As soon as The Paths of Cormanor is out the door, we will have a page up for Cirsova Publishing’s next Cirsova Classics project [despite our track record, Kickstarter won’t let us have two live pages simultaneously]. 

We’ll be collecting the remaining All-Story Weekly fiction of Julian Hawthorne in a standard set, particularly showcasing his heroine Martha Klemm, a feisty and modern young woman from Boston, a clairvoyant claiming descent from the Salem witches, who featured in three of his final tales for the Munsey mag. 

Cirsova Open Submissions

Here’s an opportunity for us to pay YOU! Are you a fiction writer who is a fan of exciting tales of high adventure, swashbuckling heroics, and dramatic romance? Cirsova Publishing will be accepting fiction submissions for its flagship magazine, Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense! We pay semi-pro rates of ~1.25 cents per word for first serial publication rights on acceptance. 

We’re open for submissions from August 1st through August 7th.

For full details, see here:

The Cosmic Courtship Available Through Retail

Mary Faust, a brilliant scientist, has developed a machine that can allow the conscious human soul to explore the cosmos! Her promising young assistant Miriam Mayne has accidentally transferred her consciousness to Saturn, where she falls under the enchantment of an evil sorcerer! Jack Paladin, her love, sets out after her on a thrilling celestial journey to the ringed planet! Swashbuckling adventure and high romance await in Julian Hawthorne’s The Cosmic Courtship!

The Cosmic Courtship is now available through Retail!

All formats are available at Cirsova’s Aerio Store and on Amazon!

Pocketbook – This is a no-frills budget release of The Cosmic Courtship. It ONLY includes the novel itself and none of the bonus content we included in other formats. Be aware that it features small print so as to reduce page count and offer an economical alternative to the other formats. Not recommended for older readers or readers with eye-strain issues!

Trade Paperback – This is the standard format edition of Cirsova’s presentation of The Cosmic Courtship. It contains the novel plus all bonus content. Note that the font in this edition is a much larger and a cozier read.

Hardcover – This is essentially the same as the Trade edition, except in hardcover with a lovely dust jacket.

Magazine – This version is presented in a format similar to Cirsova Magazine, with large print and double columns at an 8.5 x 11 trim size. In some ways, this format may be the ideal way to appreciate the facsimile reprinting of “Scenes from Hawthorne’s Romance” that was included as bonus content. Some of the bonus content was shifted around to fit the magazine format better, but everything is here!

eBook – The content of the eBook is pretty much the same as the Trade/Hardcover/Magazine. You really won’t be missing out on anything except for the part where you have an actual book in your hands.

New Cirsova Reviews Up!

We have some new reviews of the Summer issue:

First is one from David Higgins:

Alexander shows that stories which a focus on action over introspection needn’t be shallow or simplistic, continuing the legacy of classic science-fiction and fantasy pulps.

The next is from Nathan Housley:

the Summer 2021 edition is a worthy addition to the long-running string of excellence readers have come to expect from Cirsova.

The Summer 2021 issue can be found here!

Also, please be sure to check out Jim Breyfogle’s new novel, The Paths of Cormanor, available for pre-order now through Kickstarter!

Miss Out on The Cosmic Courtship Kickstarter?

The books are available for retail pre-order now through our Aerio store!

The metadata is slowly populating to Amazon, but not all versions are available for pre-order yet.

Remember: the pocket-paperback edition is a no-frills printing of The Cosmic Courtship and nothing else. The Trade, Magazine, and Hardcover formats, however, all contain additional bonus content, including foreword, biographical content, a facsimile reprint of Scenes of Hawthorne’s Romances, and more!

Right now, only the pocket-book edition is available on Amazon for order.

But ALL versions are available right now through the Aerio store.

You might find something else you like while you’re there!

And I know I’ve been saying this a LOT lately, but please take a look at Jim Breyfogle’s The Paths of Cormanor! We’re offering some sweet add-ons, including the Audiobook of Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat: Pursuit Without Asking for only $10!

Shuriken Kickstarter is Live!

Yeah, I know, I should be plugging my own stuff, but you guys are probably tired of hearing about it by now.

Reggie has the Shuriken Kickstarter live. I’ve already double backed it [mostly to get two original pieces of artwork instead of just one, but if there’s a huge after-market demand for the book and chachkis, I won’t be in a position where I’d have to refuse to sell the only copy I have.]

One interesting tidbit is that the Kickstarter page affirms the 9-issue run of the original series [so “ha!” to all of you selling those “Complete set 1-8” on eBay]. Not that I’ve ever found a copy online or in the wild, except for that pirated scan.

In Cirsova news, our next Kickstarter to get the rest of Julian Hawthorne’s All-Story Weekly fiction back into print is just about ready to go, but Kickstarter won’t let us launch it until The Paths of Cormanor is out the door. Look, like I said, I know you’re tired of hearing about it, but this is easily one of the best books we’ve published, and we don’t want you guys to sleep on it! So back it, and let’s hit those stretch goals for extra content!

Countdown to Open Submissions!

It’s almost time for Cirsova’s Open Submissions Window!

We’ll be accepting stories from August 1st through August 7th and reading throughout the month of August to fill our 2022 line-up!

Get writing!

Or, if you have a story written, get polishing! The better edited your story is, the more likely we are to strongly favor it.

What are we looking for?

Our submission guidelines and the kinds of fiction we’re seeking out can all be found here.