The Paths of Cormanor Reminder, Robert E. Howard Art Chronology, More Julian Hawthorne, and Open Submissions!

The Paths of Cormanor

Cirsova Publishing has just 8 days to go on the Kickstarter for Jim Breyfogle’s The Paths of Cormanor!

This new spin on the story of the Swan Princess is sure to delight fans of fairytale romance and fans of sword & sorcery alike! Following a confrontation with a monster from the elder days, Prince Kellen loses a piece of soul which becomes trapped within Amara, the Cormorant woman who saves him. While Prince Kellen goes on his own quest for the magic that will make his soul whole again, Amara must face her own challenges as another monster terrorizes the countryside and the march lord who should be dealing with the monster is terrorizing her family!

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Michael Tierney has a new project live through Chenault & Gray publishing.  Four fully-illustrated volumes covering the history of the art and illustration of the fiction of Robert E. Howard. This collection is a must-have for fans of Howard.

More Julian Hawthorne

As soon as The Paths of Cormanor is out the door, we will have a page up for Cirsova Publishing’s next Cirsova Classics project [despite our track record, Kickstarter won’t let us have two live pages simultaneously]. 

We’ll be collecting the remaining All-Story Weekly fiction of Julian Hawthorne in a standard set, particularly showcasing his heroine Martha Klemm, a feisty and modern young woman from Boston, a clairvoyant claiming descent from the Salem witches, who featured in three of his final tales for the Munsey mag. 

Cirsova Open Submissions

Here’s an opportunity for us to pay YOU! Are you a fiction writer who is a fan of exciting tales of high adventure, swashbuckling heroics, and dramatic romance? Cirsova Publishing will be accepting fiction submissions for its flagship magazine, Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense! We pay semi-pro rates of ~1.25 cents per word for first serial publication rights on acceptance. 

We’re open for submissions from August 1st through August 7th.

For full details, see here:

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