Michael Tierney Talks About His New R.E.Howard Project

As you probably know, Wild Stars author and regular Cirsova Contributor Michael Tierney has been working on a new Art Chronology project, this time encompassing the works or Robert E. Howard.

I’ve seen the stacks and stacks of research material at his house while I was working with him on The Cosmic Courtship. It’s going to blow you away!

It’s got a high ticket price for entry, with $75 for just the PDFs, so this is definitely an aficionado item, but it’s doing gangbusters.

We still have about a week left on The Paths of Cormanor; we’re close to our first stretch goal for additional fiction.

As soon as The Paths of Cormanor wraps, we’ll be moving on to The Strange Recollections of Martha Klemm, where we’ll be collecting all of the remaining All-Story Weekly fiction of Julian Hawthorne in three volumes.

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