First Paths of Cormanor Stretch Goal Met!

We’ve met our first stretch goal, to include Jim’s prose poem, Gift of an Entangled Heart, as a bonus to The Paths of Cormanor!

It may be hard to do, but I think it’s still possible we can meet the $5k stretch goal, to include his short story “Just Another Crappy Story That Kills Everyone In It.”

In the Fictionverse exists the players who act out the story as written, following the script when it is there, and improvising when there’s enough leeway to do so. But what happens when the story is just plain bad? It risks everyone in it when a Failed Story causes the fictional world to collapse on itself!

I’m not usually one for metafiction, but Jim Breyfogle is able to turn it into an action-packed adventure with a touch of magic and romance that even an editor like myself can’t help but love. 

I really hope that we’ll be able to publish this great little addition to The Paths of Cormanor!

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