Cirsova News: New Issue, Paths of Cormanor, and Martha Klemm

Things have not let up in this last month!

Cirsova Publishing has made all of its acquisitions for 2022 and will have quite a line-up to announce on Monday.

The new Fall issue of Cirsova is out now, featuring the exciting conclusion of Michael Tierney’s The Artomique Paradigm, the conclusion of Paul O’Connor’s Badaxe, and the latest installment of our long-running Mongoose and Meerkat series!

Covers by Raven Monroe and Genzoman pay tribute to two of the series’ heroines [Kat from Mongoose and Meerkat and Tanree from Badaxe] and one of the other series’ villain [Red Queen from Wild Stars].

We are mailing out Jim Breyfogle’s The Paths of Cormanor to kickstarter backers next week.

The retail release will be November 1st.

Our new Cirsova Classics project to restore and collect the rest of Julian Hawthorne’s All-Story Weekly fiction is almost to our first stretch goal, pulp trading cards, so we’ll be getting those ready in the meantime! We hope that everyone here appreciated our work to restore The Cosmic Courtship and will check out these other fantastic stories by this great American author!

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