Rad Villain, Lame Hero

Found some old silver age and bronze age comics that I got a really great deal on at a flea market the other day. After reading the Doc Spektor Spine Tingling Tales [which were fantastic], I tried out a silver age cape comic that I had never heard of before from Dell. [It turns out that this issue was even drawn, at least in part, by Steve Ditko!]

This is Nukla, and I hate him and his stupid face.

Nukla #3(1966) S.A. Comic

In this issue, he fights some guy called Captain Whale.

Captain Whale is a salty Captain Nemo type. He hangs out around the Antarctic, chasing off scientists and researchers, driving off ships, and shooting down navy planes. The Antarctic is his, and he and his crew will be safe there when the nuclear war inevitably destroys our stupid civilizations. He has ships, planes, and even an underwater base He also has a pod of trained Killer Whales who obey his every command [because they know how rad he is]! What a badass!

Meanwhile, Nukla is a shitstain CIA agent with nuclear powers. The feds send him to the south pole because Captain Whale has taken a bunch of trespassing scientists prisoner. Nukla blows up a pod of Killer Whales and is all “haha, Captain Whale will be too busy taking care of his wounded friends to keep me from stopping him!” Man, what a scumbag! Anyway, because he’s the title character, Nukla ends up blowing up Captain Whale’s plane with atomic radiation.

I would totally read a Captain Whale solo book, but Nukla is crap.

3 responses to “Rad Villain, Lame Hero

  1. Why are heroes so… un-fun in a lot of comics? Give them a little flair and flashy show stopping moves and they can rival any villain. I guess defending the status quo kinda makes one boring by default.

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