Happy Week After Thanksgiving

Hey, everyone!

I hate how quiet things have gotten here lately, but the more I’m actually working on Cirsova stuff the less time I actually have to blog. And I’ve been working on a LOT of Cirsova stuff.

MOST of Cirsova titles are now setup on KDP and will have continued print through the sunset of our Ingram Spark account. Anything else is on Lulu.

The proofs for Strange Recollections of Martha Klemm arrived yesterday, and they look pretty good. There are some things on the cover that need to be fixed, but we’re nearing completion on that project.

The Winter Issue is just over two weeks away on Amazon, but if you were a subscriber to our mailing list, then you will have gotten an email with a direct link where you can order it now from Lulu in paperback and hardcover.

Right now, we’re in the process of getting 2022 assembled. I’m a bit behind where I want to be because Martha Klemm took up so much of my time, but I think that’s getting back on track.

Other big items for 2022 are a collected edition of Wild Stars V and Mongoose and Meerkat II. I’m working to get those pulled together as well. There’s a LOT on my plate.

Wild Stars On Lulu

The 35th Anniversary Editions of Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars are ALL available now through Lulu.com!

Because of our break with Ingram Spark, the versions currently available on Amazon will be going out of print in early December and may no longer be available through that site. While we are working to get KDP versions available, there are a lot of things that we did with these titles that make it VERY difficult to get them revalidated by KDP much stricter approval process.

Additionally, our serialization of Wild Stars V in Cirsova 6-8 is in jeopardy unless we can fix Badaxe to meet KDP’s stricter margin requirements, but very soon we’ll be talking about putting out a collected edition of The Artomique Paradigm.

Buy Cirsova Page Updated

I got too lax in updating it, but I finally went in and updated the Buy Cirsova page. It now has all issues, including the forthcoming Winter issue.

Soon, I’ll be adding author pages for Jim Breyfogle, Michael Tierney, and Misha Burnett which will contain links to all of the pages for those authors’ titles.

I also still need to update the contributor page to include contributors to the fall and winter issues.

The Paths of Cormanor Out Today!

Jim Breyfogle’s The Paths of Cormanor is out today!

Amara is a young woman of Cormanor, a household whose womenfolk have the ability to transform into cormorants to fly and dive for fish. Kellen is the youngest prince of the realm, a seventh son of a seventh son, and wishes to see these remarkable women for himself.

During the pageantry upon the lake, Amara’s cousin falls into the water and is spirited away by the Grimly, a malign creature of the elder world! Kellen braves both water and monster to rescue the boy. However the Grimly manages to trap the prince’s soul and mark him for death! Amara tracks the Grimly to her lair, slays the wicked beast, and restores life to the young prince… but a piece of Kellen’s soul is trapped within Amara!

The death of the sinister Grimly is just the beginning-Kellen must find the means to recover his missing piece of soul, while Amara and her family are haunted by the vengeful offspring of the monster she had slain! Kellen and Amara each must undertake their own harrowing journey, meeting delightful friends and dastardly foes, along the Paths of Cormanor!

Jim Breyfogle’s beautiful new novel of fantastical romance is inspired by Eastern and Northern European myth and fairytale and sure to delight readers of all ages.