Slow AND Hectic?!

Things seem slow at the Cirsova blog because SO MUCH IS GOING ON!

I hope to be able to share more details about them soon, but I have so much on my plate right now. I hope you guys are as excited about this stuff as I am:

  • Retail release of Cirsova Classics – We’re slow rolling these, but the first is out on February 2! The Kickstarter is completely out the door, so all that’s left is to get the Amazon print versions setup. We’ll also have a page with full links to the Lulu versions, too.
  • Cirsova Spring 2022 – I’m ALMOST done getting the final touches done on this. I feel like I’m running late because of how much time I spent on Martha Klemm that kept me from getting ahead, but really, I think we’re right on time. A truly epic issue scheduled to release 3/15. With this, we launch Wild Stars VI: Orphan of the Shadowy Moons! Update soon.
  • Cirsova Summer 2022 – The cover art is done. We need another couple pieces of interior art, but the text has been handed off to the first of our copy editors. With this, we launch D.M. Ritzlin’s Vran, the Chaos-Warped.
  • Cirsova Fall/Winter 2022 – I’m halfway through my own second pass of fall, where I’m highlighting the scenes for art and illustration.
  • Wild Stars V – The collected edition of Wild Stars V is underway, and while people who read it when we serialized it in 2021 will know the story, I think we’ll have enough surprises to make it worth checking out and buying this version in either paperback or hardcover.
  • Mongoose and Meerkat 2 – This is gonna be our other really big project for the year. Probably late summer to early fall. We’ve got DarkFilly incredibly busy this year, but there will be even more original artwork for Cirsova flagship series!

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