Last Week of the Wild Stars IGG

We’ve got one week left on the IGG for Wild Stars to pick up a few more orders! Right now, we’re sitting at $0, which is, uh… disheartening.

There are some things going on in the background that have hampered our ability to promote The Artomique Paradigm and fully as we had planned on, but we’re still moving forward with the project come hell or high water. Just the other day, I finished up the stretch goal content and have over a dozen character write-ups for Wild Stars!

August 1st is looming big and ugly, and we really need some extra funds if we’re going to have open submissions for 2023. We bought big and invested a lot into 2022 on the prospect of some successes that had the rug snatched from under them. So, we’re in kind of a “recovery mode” while we realign our plans with our new forecast while still meeting our 2022 obligations.

If you really want to help us out, consider picking up one of the original Dark Filly illustrations for Wild Stars. The five that are currently available for sale have already been paid for and are on last year’s books, so being able to turn these around would essentially be gravy for us and go directly towards 2023 acquisitions.

A “What’s Going On?” Post: Wild Stars IGG, Spring & Summer Issue, Hawthorne and More

The Artomique Paradigm

The Kickstarter for Wild Stars: The Artomique Paradigm successfully raised $2000, but we’re really hoping to bring in a few more orders through our IndieGoGo. This is VERY important, because our profits from this project will be our main 2023 acquisitions budget come August when we take submissions again.

So, if you haven’t picked up a copy of the collected edition of The Artomique Paradigm, please check out the IGG! We’re also offering a discount on previous volumes through this crowdfund for a limited time only!

Spring Issue

The Spring Issue has been out for about a month, and we’ve sold about 50 copies. Without wholesale orders, retail order become that much more important to keep us afloat, so thank you for picking up a copy! If you enjoyed it, please leave a review!

Summer Issue

We’re still accepting advertisers for the Summer issue. This will be out on 6/15

Doris Dances & Fires Rekindled

The last of our Cirsova Classics rereleases of Julian Hawthorne’s pulp-era fiction is out now on Amazon. Losing distribution over this particular title [Ingram refused to distribute it despite having distributed multiple trim sizes of The Cosmic Courtship and The Paths of Cormanor] means we need to sell A LOT of these [and our other titles] now to come remotely close to even on anything, since all of our revenues come from retail purchases rather than wholesale purchases.

Jim Breyfogle’s Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat Volume 2: The Heat of the Chase

This is our next big project. Crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to get pre-orders in for this before our open submissions period so we’ll have a better budget, but we’re giving ourselves some leeway.

On Bunderdome Tonight!

We’ll be on The Bunderdome tonight at 7:30 CST with Mark Pellegrini talking about horror and whatnot.

Also, don’t forget, we’re on the Home Stretch for Wild Stars, about to hit our first stretch goal!