SFWA Cancels Mercedes Lackey

This terrorist organization masquerading as an authors’ guild has decided to drop the hammer on Mercedes Lackey.


Because on a panel, when praising a work by Samuel Delaney [who himself is pretty disgusting], she accidentally said “colored” instead of “of color,” because she is an old woman and this shit is very confusing.

Reminder that “person of color” is primarily a term used by white shitlibs to feel better about themselves and by “minorities” who have figured out that they can use it as leverage against them.

Most of the rest of us think it is retarded and stupid, like that “Latinx” bullshit.

SFWA remains an odious organization that funds groups directly involved in the destruction of US cities, including legendary bookstore Uncle Hugo’s, with its members’ dues.

If you are a member of this evil organization, we strongly urge that you cancel your membership today.

One response to “SFWA Cancels Mercedes Lackey

  1. From what I understand, they also canceled her husband (Larry Dixon) basically for the crime of being her husband. What a pack of malicious bore-worms.

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