Monday Morning Updates!

Mongoose and Meerkat

Mongoose and Meerkat did great the first couple of days, but like most crowdfunds, it’s hit the doldrums a few days in. Just a handful more backers would get us to our first stretch goal, though!

Why is the Audiobook a separate stretch goal? Really, we want to gauge the demand for an audiobook. Audiobooks cost a good chunk of change to produce as well as a lot of time, and can be kind of tedious to edit. But if we see that the demand is there, we’ll produce an audiobook for the second volume. It’s not just a question of money but of future interest. If we raise a bunch of money selling physical copies but no one really wants the audiobook, it won’t make sense for us to use that money to put out another audiobook: it would be better served for something else. So, 100 pledges for the audiobook will show that there’s sufficient demand AND will pay off the expenses on the first one with some profit to show for it.

Wild Stars

We’ve had a chance to go over the proofs of Wild Stars V with Michael, and we’ve made a few changes. He’s doing a last review and should have final feedback by Wednesday. At that point, we may put in another proof order, as well as an order for mailing supplies.

Things are finally coming to a head on this. I’m glad we delayed things a little bit because it meant that we were able to squeeze in two additional illustrations that we otherwise would not have been able to, so that promise is met!

Other Stuff

I don’t really want to go too deep into what I’m working on right now, since it deserves a post of its own, but we’re getting another book into layout right now for a fall release.

Also, I owe Cirsova contributor Michael Gallagher a review of his novel he sent us, Body and Blood, which I have not forgotten about!

If you’re considering submitting to Cirsova this summer, don’t forget that our submission dates are August 1st through August 7th. So, get writing now, if you don’t already have a trunk story for us!

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