Projects Update – July 2022

There is a LOT going on!

Wild Stars

Wild Stars V is going to begin fulfillment as soon as the books show up! I know “on time” for us feels like “late” fulfillment, but I’m glad we held off, because Dark Filly was able to get two additional interior illustrations to us before the final cutoff.

As you know, Wild Stars VI is currently being serialized in the 2022 Cirsovas, starting with the Spring issue. Part two just dropped last month.

While he’s prioritizing finishing his Robert E Howard art history project, Michael IS working on Wild Stars VII and we are planning on serializing it next year.

Mongoose and Meerkat

Mongoose and Meerkat is moving into proofs phase. We’ve got some additional artwork in from Raven Monroe [who did the cover for our fall 2021 issue] that we’ll be putting into layout with the stuff from Dark Filly.

Once that’s added, we’ll get the trim sizes all laid out and uploaded to our printers and get proofs ordered.

An Atlas of Bad Roads

We’re working double time to make sure that Misha Burnett’s new anthology, An Atlas of Bad Roads, will get into the hands of Cirsova readers before Halloween!

This collection is a tour de force from the modern day master of weird and macabre that you won’t want to miss! It anthologizes several original and previously published stories [some too shocking for the pages of Cirsova Magazine!] along with original poetry from Misha Burnett.

We’ve already reached the “Setup titles and order proofs” phase, and the Kickstarter will begin soon to take pre-orders!

2023 Submissions

We’d honestly been on the fence as to whether we’d take open submissions this year, but in light of certain events, I feel obliged to do so, to give the widest range of new talent a shot at the hallowed pages of Cirsova magazine.

Things have been tight here, mostly because of some unexpected plumbing bills that came up in June, but hey! I can always turn away stories I can’t afford [he says, having a reputation for over-buying to support authors of excellent fiction].

Anyway, what you should all know about me before you submit is that I’m a bigoted right-wing shithead, and if that’s a huge problem for you, probably best for us not to waste each other’s time, amirite?

My brother in Christ, you need only not submit to us if you are mad that we said BLM is a terrorist group [they are] or that we called a rainbow flag concern troll a nono word on twitter dot com to shut them up [“So just to be clear, what you want is pulp stories that definitely do contain bigotry?” is not someone ‘criticizing’ us, it’s being a stupid dick, and we’ll deal with them on twitter dot com as such; sorry that I never got around to sending you those interview questions, if that’s what this is really all about–spring 2021 was a rough time and I was really busy].

We have established a long track record of publishing a diverse range of high-quality fiction from authors from all around the world. You don’t have to be a part of that if you don’t want to. Our output speaks for itself.

You can find our submissions guidelines here:

We strongly recommend keeping submissions within the 2.5k – 8k word range so that we can buy as many stories and work with as many authors as possible given our space and budget constraints. We DO have a few longer pieces lined up already by arrangement and probably will not be able to accept more.


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