Cirsova Turns 10!

Cirsova turned 10 yesterday [the blog, not the magazine]. Celebrate and buy a copy of our one publication that take place in the Cirsova “setting” from when we were an OSR blog!

I would’ve never guessed when we started that we would become one of the most important things to come out of the OSR Blog Sphere.

  • resurrected a 70s Sword & Planet series [Adrian Cole’s Dream Lords]
  • become home for another scifi series with roots in the 70s [Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars]
  • publish previously lost Tarzan story [Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She]
  • published a high-end illustrated edition of Leigh Brackett’s Stark Planet Stories
  • reprinted the nearly-lost All-Story Weekly fiction of Julian Hawthorne
  • much more [everything else]

If you haven’t already, pick up the Fall issue! The ebook version of it drops on Wednesday.

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