Cirsova 2023 Plans Revealed!

It can finally be all laid-out!

As the year progresses, some of these are bound to change. We may be going at break-neck speed for a bit. I haven’t even really had a chance to talk about Sky Dance of Winter Fire yet, but Michael sprang it on me fully formed and it will be done before our editing team would be able to get to the other stuff in the queue, so we’re sneaking it into the early 2023 lineup.

Misha Burnett’s Small Worlds is gonna be an absolutely fantastic collection and will round out and bring full circle some of Cirsova’s other offerings from this master of short fiction.

Mighty Sons of Hercules has been a project we’ve been teasing for a bit despite not officially announcing it yet, but it’s already got an amazing all-star lineup locked in with a few more we’ll be able to confirm by March/early April.

Wild Stars VI? Collected edition is incoming on the heels of serializing Part VII. Great stuff.

A Bad Case of Dead is a masterpiece from Jim Breyfogle that you’ll get an early taste of in Mongoose and Meerkat.

I’m very excited about all of this stuff!

  • Jim Breyfogle’s Mongoose and Meerkat 3
  • Michael Tierney’s Sky Dance of Winter Fire
    • Pre-Orders: Early Spring [As soon as Mongoose & Meerkat is funded]
    • Delivery: Late Spring, Early Summer
  • Misha Burnett’s Small Worlds
    • Pre-Order: Late Spring / Early Summer
    • Delivery: Mid Summer
    • Release: Mid/Late Summer
  • Mighty Sons of Hercules Anthology
    • Pre-Order: Mid/Late Summer
    • Delivery: Early Fall
    • Release: Early/Late Fall
  • Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars VI: Orphan of the Shadowy Moons
    • PreOrder: Fall
    • Delivery: Winter / Early Spring (2024)
  • Jim Breyfogle’s A Bad Case of Dead
    • Pre-Order: Late Fall / Early Winter / Mid Winter (2024)
    • Delivery: Late Winter (2024)/Early Spring (2024)
    • Release: Spring (2024)


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