Michael Tierney Talks About Sky Dance of Winter Fire

Author and artist Michael Tierney talked at length about his forthcoming project with us, Sky Dance of Winter Fire.

We will be launching the Kickstarter for it on Wednesday. You can sign up for notification here:


Mongoose and Meerkat’s Kickstarter is Finished: So What’s Next?

I’ll address each of these in their own posts, but we’ve got three big things we’re moving forward with in tandem with fulfilling Mongoose and Meerkat Volume 3.

1. Cirsova Spring Issue

The Cirsova Spring Issue will be out 3/15. We’ll post more details in the soontime, but our cover story is the first installment of Wild Stars 7: The Gold Exigency.

2. Sky Dance of Winter Fire

Something a bit different from our usual fare, in March we will be taking pre-orders for Michael Tierney’s picture book, Sky Dance of Winter Fire.

3. Misha Burnett’s Small Worlds

This anthology is sure to be another grand slam from modern master of short fiction, Misha Burnett. Right now, the manuscript is in the hands of one of Cirsova’s talented and capable copy editors, and we plan on taking pre-orders for it starting in April.

Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars I-IV Back in Distribution

The 35th Anniversary Editions of Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars are back in distribution once again and available on Amazon.

These were briefly unavailable through Amazon due to our split with Ingram Content and the unique format which prevented them from being published through KDP.

These titles were never actually out of print, but have been available on Lulu.com. In fact, this is still the recommended way to get your hands on these, but as we all know, most people will ONLY buy things from Amazon.

So, the copies on Amazon have higher markups due to the 3rd party retailers tacking on a hefty surcharge to our MSRP. But they’re there again.

Michael Tierney’s Beyond the Farthest Star Returns

[Yo, don’t forget to back Mongoose and Meerkat! Just a few days left!]

Excerpt from the ERB Press Release:

A change in artists brought about the temporary suspension of the Beyond the Farthest Star online comic strip in January 2021, but now it’s back like never before with fan-favorite artist Silvestre Szilagyi, who previously drew The Mad King web comic strip for us. The strip will continue to be written by noted author Michael Tierney, the mastermind behind the gorgeous Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology (and who is about to release his new Robert E. Howard Art Chronology). A whole new universe was being created by Edgar Rice Burroughs when he wrote Beyond the Farthest Star, but this burst of imagination was interrupted by World War II, when he devoted his energies toward helping win the war in the Pacific, in whatever way he could contribute, leading him to becoming one of the most popular correspondents in the Pacific Theater during the war.

Michael Tierney has been writing since he learned to spell his first two words, Stop and Go, which he used to complete a crude comic strip about military tanks crossing hills and rivers. In high school, he was editor of the school paper and went to the State Finals in Journalism. Even before that he had already published his first science fiction tale of the Wild Stars, which was published in the fan pages of Eerie magazine. By the age of twenty-two, he was managing a printing division of International Graphics and had already released a self-published magazine of his art and stories: The Multiversal Scribe. Elected to multiple terms as a city councilman, he has been a book retailer since 1982, was a finalist for multiple retailer awards, and has been an Overstreet Price Guide advisor since 1999—writing over a thousand industry articles and reviews. His Wild Stars comics from the 1980s through the early 2000s have been collected into Wild Stars: The Book of Circles—Recalibrated. He also wrote a Wild Stars role playing game for Troll Lord Games, and continues to release a new Wild Stars novel every year through Cirsova: Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring SuspenseCirsova subsequently releases them in hardcover and magazine formats, and has collected his first four books into a massive omnibus that includes a compendium of characters, places, and events. Cirsova also published other short stories and essays by Michael, including his posthumous collaboration with Edgar Rice Burroughs, “Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She.” He writes, letters, and colored the first two years of the online comic strip Beyond the Farthest Star for ERB, Inc., and created the four-volume Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology. His four-volume Robert E. Howard Art Chronology is coming soon. He is a certified Master Scuba Diver, and this hobby includes underwater photography, with sharks being his favorite subject.

Silvestre Szilagyi was born in 1949 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From 1968 to 1970, he studied comic art, known then as “Histoieta,” under Alberto Breccia at the the interdisciplinary art school I.D.A. (Instituto de directores de Arte). In 1970, he opened the Estudio Geminis with Gaspar Gonzalez. Fellow artists Mulko, Gil, Leopardi, and many more worked there regularly, sharing opinions and critiques. From 1974 and on, he worked for Record, the second largest publisher in Argentina, on such books as SkorpioCorto MaltésPif Paf, and Tit Bits. Around 2007, he began doing work for Moonstone Books, completing around 450 pages of The Phantom, as well as working on other characters. He has published over ten thousand pages, and still loves drawing. Silvestre was also an artist on The Mad King online comic strip for ERB, Inc.

 Check them out in our Online Comic Portal then!

New Rogues of Merth Collection!

I know we’re still running our Kickstarter for Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat, and if you haven’t already backed that, please go back that first, but after Kat and Mangos, Robert Zoltan’s Dareon & Blue are my favorite modern sword & sorcery duo. And I’m not just saying that because we’ve published a few of their adventures in Cirsova Magazine [Lest Darkness Wreck the Stars, Cirsova 2.3 and
The Book of Dark Sighs, Cirsova 2.6]

Anywho… Robert Zoltan has a Kickstarter for his second volume of Dareon & Blue’s adventures. I’m incredibly excited for this, and I hope you’ll check it out!