Progress on Sky Dance of Winter Fire and Other Stuff

The Kickstarter for Sky Dance of Winter Fire hit its initial goal, and right now is sitting at ~$800 with 25 backers.

Not bad, given this is something so outside of the norm for us. I know we went with a low goal, in part because it’s an opportunity to game the algorithms on Kickstarter, but our real goal is to sell AT MINIMUM 60 copies. To me, that would make this project worthwhile and show that there was some genuine interest in this from our readers. The good news is, that looks like a likely goal to meet at this point.

Mongoose and Meerkat 3 is coming along nicely. Last night, I finished the Trade/Hardcover interior and Trade cover. Took longer than I had hoped because I had to deal with some image compression issues, but I think the extra effort on the art will be worthwhile. I should be able to order proofs of M&M by the end of next week.

Lastly, don’t forget that our Spring issue will be dropping in just under 2 weeks!


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