Michael Tierney on the Evolution of the Publishing Process {Part 1}

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I have many hobbies that include being a Master Certified scuba diver and underwater photographer, but the hobbies that turned into professions have been my writing and artwork.

After teaching myself to use a typewriter while still in grade school, I’ve seen a lot of evolution take place since those days of carbon paper and using white out solution to correct typing errors.

Recently I wrote an article, “The Creation of Science Fiction,” about how a type composer who hand-assembled the leaden letters for newspapers lost his job when Linotype machines arrived in the late 19th century. That man was Bob Davis. He found other employment,  first as a journalist and later as a newspaper editor, eventually becoming the editor of the Munsey line of pulp magazines, where he shepherded the careers of writers such as Edgar Rice Burroughs, who was a pioneer in the genre now known as Science Fiction. If not for the invention of Linotype, the world may never have adventured with John Carter of Mars or Tarzan of the Apes.


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