Michael Tierney on the Evolution of the Publishing Process {Part 2}

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Linotype was still around when I was in high school and working nights at the local newspaper. By 1977, I was a journeyman printer and publishing my own artwork and stories in a magazine titled The Multiversal Scribe, which included an early tale of my long-running Wild Stars. By this time the leaden letters of the Linotype machine had been replaced by a new generation of cold print typesetters, and the rigid letterpress plates replaced by offset printing rollers.

That same year I was promoted to managing a print shop, which meant I could do my own camera work for my Across the Distance portfolio and other works. By 1984 was still using a T-square and art board to build another portfolio and my Wild Stars comics, which I printed in my garage with a Chief 17 press. But the Wild Stars comics that I made at the turn of the millennium were prepared print ready using a Mac laptop.

By that time the next generation of typesetters, with their pica rulers always handy, had been replaced by Photoshop. You could copy your manuscript from a text file straight into a type box.


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