Michael Tierney on the Evolution of the Publishing Process {Part 4}

[P. Alexander: We’re a little over half-way through our crowdfunding period for Sky Dance of Winter Fire! This could very well be one of Cirsova Publishing’s rarest titles after Relics of the Kangsta, as there is a high likelihood that it will not be kept in Print on Demand. If you miss out on this now, you might miss out on it forever!]

It’s been a long-accepted fact that 90% of everything made is junk, and that is still true here. No matter how much text, nor how many of my photos I loaded in, with this type of generator you still have to wade through that 90% of the results until you can tease out something usable that can then be further refined into a finished work. Faces and human anatomy still remain wonky at best.

A lawsuit was filed recently against this process, claiming that these programs swipe existing artwork. Personally, I use it to create my own concepts using elements of light-dark shading and tone—an effect called Chiaroscuro. This is a process that I doubt the descendants of Rembrandt can claim control over.

Pulling sections from several A.I. images and using all the different skills I’ve developed over the decades, I created an original image. The art plate, Cthulhu man, is a good example of this. I pulled elements from several different versions generated from my instructions, and created a composite that I then airbrushed into the unique image in my mind. Any elements that I didn’t change, I used filters to give them shape and tone.


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