Michael Tierney on the Evolution of the Publishing Process {Part 5}

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New technologies can often bring seismic shifts like the ones I’ve seen happen again and again, so I can understand the concerns of some artists. If all those more recent typesetters had known they were about to be put out of work by the fuzzy computer-generated type they once laughed at, I’m sure they would have sued, too. But the difference here is that an artist with skill and a work ethic will always find a demand for their services. The key to effective artwork is conceiving an image in your head and breathing it into reality.

I’m using A.I. as an artist’s tool, no different than switching from a quill and ink pot to a self-contained ink pen—using it to generate elements to help illustrate original works of my own thoughts and designs that visualize my written work.

For me, this new tool has been as inspiring as when I created nearly two-dozen illustrations for my stories in The Multiversal Scribe, using a brand new line of Pentel rollerball pens with water-based ink.

I hope you enjoyed the results.

Michael Tierney


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