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This blog started out as a sort of encyclopedia or traveler’s guide to the Cirsovan Empire.  While it was principally a creative writing  exercise for myself, it may also be used as a roleplaying tool for anyone interested.

Cirsova was conceived as a setting for a D&D campaign which ultimately never got started, as a no-magic, no-monsters, no-demihumans world was a difficult sell to my players.  I unearthed some of my notes and maps and got to writing.  As the campaign was principally going to take place in the northern provinces, those are currently the most fleshed out.  Still, I wanted to create a world large enough that the players could explore the empire, even abandoning the main quest, if they chose, so the Cirsovan empire is fairly large.

Anyway, after i’d written stuff for about 2/3s of the Empire, I found I was burning out on the setting blurbs and Cirsova was becoming more of a gaming blog.  Today, Cirsova has expanded into a blog that covers gaming (primarily old-school and OSR Dungeons & Dragons) and the sort of Sci-fi and Fantasy fiction that helped shaped gaming.

The old update format is no longer being used; Cirsova updates generally once a day during the week (sometimes more) with a music post on Fridays.


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      • No prob! I love that it’s easy to pick up and easy to teach. Rolling up characters generally only takes 10 minutes if someone has never played before, less if they have. The first dozen pages could be said to be the entirety of the “player handbook”.

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