Though no roads lead to or from it, Akanasho thrives and is far from isolated.  Its location downstream from Gatia on the Orshiano River connects it to both the imperial seat and the largest port city on the Dawnsea.  Akanasho is located between high bluffs on either side of the Orshiano valley, and many ornate towers have been built on the sides of the south bluff.

Once, Akanasho bore another name that has been blotted and stricken from memory and history.  For though many of the city states in the Orshiano Valley who were rivals to Gatia’s primacy were razed during the wars to unify the Cirsovan heartlands, Ga Akana found the city’s alabaster towers gracing the bluffs over the river to be fair and lovely.  After defeating the king and his army, Ga Akana proclaimed that he would spare the city if its people would bow before him.  The city was renamed Akanasho, or “Akana’s mercy”.

The greatest of the alabaster towers, Ga Akana made his palace, and from there he ruled for full year, where he won the affections of the people with his wisdom and benevolence.  The palace remains to this day a beloved spot of the imperial family.