Orshiano River, The

The fertile region of Orshiano’s watershed is known as the Riverlands, and is the center of
Cirsovan high culture. During the early days of Gatia’s primacy over the heartlands, before the
great system of imperial roads were commissioned, the Orshiano river and its tributaries served as
the main method of transportation. Even today, it serves as a favored route of trade, with hundreds
of barges travelling up and down its course, from its sourcesprings in Gatia to its mouth at Korsha
on the Dawnsea.

It is in the valley of the Orshiano river that the Akhirs at last settled, ending their northward
migration. After a few generations, the peoples of the Riverlands began building the mighty city
states of ancient Cirsova. Many of these were destroyed when Ga Akana conquered the Riverlands,
however along with Korsha, Akanasho and Allister remain to this day as thriving imperial cities.
Gatia itself was built on the site where Ga Akana and his men discovered the headwaters of Orshiano

Though laws are more lax further downstream, under a revision to the Charters of Unification, it is
punishable by imprisonment in Gatia to dispose of corpses, human or animal waste in the headwater