Sammish is an old Cirsovan village of almost no importance.  It is notable primarily for having avoided destruction or conquest during the reign of Ga Akana.  Some historians and anthropologists have studied Sammish for differences in imperial and pre-imperial Cirsovan culture, though any of the “old ways” have long been lost or abandoned.  Tall grasses grow up around the foundations of pre-imperial structures, of which very little remains.

Just outside of town, the “lost road” between Sammish and Allister begins.  No one alive in the village today has any significant knowledge of or connection to Sammish’s pre-imperial past, though archaeologists have determined that there was once an active cult of Sitaan in the area, who may have unsuccessfully waged guerrilla war against Ga Akana during the period of unification.  One ruined building near Sammish, of which only a few stones remain, is thought to have been a priory of Sitaan, which serviced and maintained the old road and wayshrine, and may have even provided aid to old Allister.

Today, Sammish is just a sleepy and isolated community, usually a month or three behind on the news of the day.  The most exciting thing to happen in the last 400 years was Emperor Orwen Akana passing through briefly on his way to Korsha.  Occasionally traders, tourists or distant family members visiting relatives make a pity stop in Sammish, but only tourists take the old road too or from the village.  The empire makes no effort to maintain the old road.  There is some debate on whether Sammish was even incorporated officially into the empire via imperial charter.  Nonetheless, the road to Skitis is maintained, taxes are occasionally collected, and Sammish is elsewise ignored.