Sotune, the Barony of

The Barony of Sotune encompasses much of the populated lands on the south bank of the Ambella river. With cooperation of the noble houses of Pelliora, Baron Nicholas of Sotune played a major part in eliminating a bandit cult of Karras that had threatened trade in the region when he first succeeded his father, and the region has been kept safe by the Baron ever since.

The quality of farming in Sotune is much the same as it is in Nortune, however there has been a slow but noticeable migration of workers to south of the Ambella, as Baron Greggory of Nortune bears some stigma as a lord, having failed to bring bandits and brigands to justice. Indeed, one is far less likely to be murdered carrying goods to market south of the river than north. It should be noted that while the highway itself is fairly safe, one must first reach the highway, and it is on these by-ways that footpads, highwaymen and other good-for-nothings have become a serious problem for the neighboring barony of Nortune.

Sotune is represented in the Gatlian council by a Popular Councilman, who is freely elected by the freemen of the valley, and Baron Nicholas’s son (Nicholas the Younger) represents his father’s interests in Syflanis. Both Nicholas the Younger and Popular Councilman Selnis have pushed for Duke Gren to take more responsibility for the security of Gatlians north of Ambella in the light of what Sotune sees as Baron Greggory’s failure to keep the peace.

The work that the Baron of Sotune has done, in concert with the noble houses of Pelliora, has been praised by Percival Haruun, an up and coming noble councilman in Syflanis, who believes that the Baron’s no-nonsense and sometimes heavy-handed approach to crime (it is not uncommon to see thieves pilloried along the roads around Sotune Castle) should be adopted to break the cycle of banditry that plagues portions of the Long Road every few years.