A great ways southwestward down the road from Daaln is Doan, at the crossroads of Central Karkuras.  Though Doan’s history is more recent than other cities in the region, post-dating the imperial incorporation of Athdaelda and its allies, it is still subject to the rule allowing the Prince to appoint a sheriff.

After the Athdaeldan cities were connected to Daaln by imperial road, Doan grew up naturally as a trading post, with a few merchants setting up stalls for a few weeks near the road, allowing them to sell to travelers between Corineaus and Athdaelda and Brebea, as well as those going to and from the imperial province.

Doan is by no means, however, a large and thriving merchant town.  Karkuras benefits little from overland imperial trade.  Only Corineaus, to Doan’s north, sees many trade goods, as it is the last major Dusksea port that ships bound south around the peninsula may stop at with any certainty that their needs may be met.  While some of these goods trickle down through Doan to Brebea and Athdaelda, much of it ends up staying briefly in the warehouses before eventually shipping to Solaris.  The greatest exception is supply for the Karkuran Legion stationed in Athdaelda.  This often comes overland from Daaln (when Cirsovan in origin) or from Corineaus (when Gatlian in origin).  Doan thus serves as distribution and exchange center for those intent on trading or moving goods to Athdaelda.

Most goods from the more southern reaches of the Empire, however, make their way to the Imperial province from Diirdec to Korsha, so Doan rarely sees Paelnoric or Ortic wares on the shelves of its stalls & stores.  Little from the heartlands that it not intended specifically for Athdaelda finds its way to Doan, either, as Korsha’s shipping lanes are the primary means of moving goods to and from Central Cirsova.

Doan suffers some neglect from imperial authorities, who have largely handed over administration of the district to the merchants who have built up the community.  Almost no one lives there who is not a merchant, in the service of a merchant (clerks, porters, etc), or various tradesmen who keep the town running, repaired and supplied with tools that are easier made than traded for.  Even without attention or support from the imperial praefects, the town does well enough for itself.  Because of this, however, there are often questions raised in the public square in regards to the taxes which must be remitted to both imperial authorities and the Prince.  This has not manifested itself into any zeitgeist of independence, though the Legion stationed in Athdaelda, it is said, has its eye more toward Doan than the horselands to the east.