Old Cratera

Popular tales declare that Old Cratera was founded under the accursed shadow of Elefloe by explorers and geologists who were charting the Ungoza crater’s northern boundary.  In truth, Old Cratera is a good day or so to the south of Elefloe and was likely never intended to be a permanent settlement, but its proximity to the ruin has led to no shortage of rumors and legends.

For some time, it was used by archaeologists and anthropologists for whom it would serve as a base-camp in their forays into the ice sheets searching for clues to the lost Northern Civilization.  Even today, the occasional commissioned study may utilize its remaining structures, however Old Cratera has not had any permanent inhabitants in recent memory.

Despite the mineral’s abundance, the green crystals of the crater were never mined here to any great extent, as it was deemed too difficult to construct a road across the crater to connect the settlement to the rest of the Empire.  Inclement weather, isolation from the rest of Ungoza, its nearness to the ice sheet and nearness to Elefloe (who is reluctant to yield any more of her mysteries to the academic community) all proved too discouraging for any long-term residence in Old Cratera.