Robert Allen Lupton on Restoring The Cosmic Courtship

Robert Allen Lupton, one of our collaborators on our project to restore Julian Hawthorne’s science fiction romance, The Cosmic Courtship, wrote at length at Horror Tree about the work that has gone in to bringing this work back to life.

The Death Cult is Real and Not Hyperbole

Brian Niemeier has written extensively on the Pop Culture Death Cult, so rather than try to explain the entire concept, I’ll refer you to his blog.

Well, the Death Cult is not hyperbole, and Mouse Wars is literally giving you cancer.

A recent report came out that many of the Hand-Sanitizers put out during the height of the Wu-Flu contained toxic, cancer causing chemicals. [This is in addition to the products that contained methanol, which is highly toxic and can be absorbed through the skin.]

“A number of them were widely available, with some purchasable on Amazon and at Target stores. One of the more contaminated formulas was sold as a Baby Yoda-themed bottle.” – From New York Post

This isn’t even something you can take schadenfreude in, because this is a product that was easily as likely used by small children as soy-faced Funko-Pop collectors.

Closing in on The Cosmic Courtship’s $8k Stretch Goal!

We’re almost to our $8k Stretch Goal for The Cosmic Courtship! In fact, we’re less than $500 away!

This stretch goal includes:

-Digital copies for all backers
-Plaintext version donated to Project Gutenberg

Also, by Thursday, our first test-print of pocket paperbacks should be arriving. We’ll be sending these out as ARCs to select outlets, but if we have some left-over, we may be able to send some out to bloggers. We’ll let you know!

Don’t forget, the new issue of Cirsova is out, as are the audiobooks of Endless Summer and Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat!

Review from Caroline Furlong!

Caroline Furlong is one of Cirsova’s up-and-coming authors who, by this Summer, will be among one of the few Cirsova contributors to get a second cover feature. Her past Cirsova stories, Halcyon and Death’s Shadow, appeared in Summer Special #1 and Vol. 2 #4. Her upcoming story, Lupus One, will be featured in the Vol.2 #7 (Summer 2021).

Caroline Furlong published a review of new issue of Cirsova that’s out this week. You can read it here on her website.

If you are just coming to Cirsova Magazine for the first time, I highly recommend this issue as an entrance to the magazine proper. With two major cliffhangers, one ongoing poem (this is part nine), and three great standalone tales in its pages, this issue is an ideal access point. 

Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s a little bit early to plug the Summer issue with her story, as the Spring issue just came out yesterday, but I’m pretty excited to let you know that not only will the issue have illustrations from Dark Filly, Caroline’s story will be illustrated by Usanekorin.

Meanwhile, the Spring issue is out now with covers from Anton Oxenuk, Genzoman, and myself.

Also, be sure to check out our Kickstarter for Julian Hawthorne’s The Cosmic Courtship!

Cruising Towards Our First Stretch Goal for The Cosmic Courtship!

As of this moment, we’ve raised over $3k for our project to reprint The Cosmic Courtship! Not only that, our project is now a Kickstarter “Project We Love!”

Our $3,500 Stretch Goal is as follows:

  • Foreword for The Cosmic Courtship
  • Julian Hawthorne’s Lottery [a short poem]
  • A Selected Bibliography of Julian Hawthorne
  • Scenes of Hawthorne’s Romances [18 page fully illustrated facsimile of an essay Julian wrote on his father’s works as it was originally published in July 1884 issue of The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine]
  • A Short Biography of Fred A. Small, the cover illustrator for The Cosmic Courtship.

All of these will be included in the Trade, Hardcover, and Magazine formats. They will NOT be included in the pocket paperback, as that format must remained streamlined so we can offer it at the price it’s at. [Plus the facsimile stuff would not look great shrunk down that small].

A lot of people have asked about the eBook offering…

If we hit our $8k stretch goal, we’ll be giving all backers digital copies AND donating a text version to Project Gutenberg.

Why not offer it straight away? Well, since The Cosmic Courtship is a public domain work, once it’s out there, it’s out there. But we’ve all put a lot of work into this project, and our collaborators need to be compensated for their time and effort–that’s only fair to them… So, what we’re asking is for people to support us and this project so we may be able to do it again and, by doing so, get more work in the Public Domain available for modern consumption.

So, back today! At this rate, we’ll be giving away digital version for sure!

Well, it was nice while it lasted….

Cirsova Publishing spent an entire month in the black [largely thanks to the person who bought the last three full-sized Mongoose & Meerkat illustrations], but now that we’ve sent out the contributor copies of Spring and just paid for the Summer artwork, we’re now -$14.97.

I still have two covers that need to be paid for + more interior art for the Summer issue, so help keep us alive by checking out the Spring issue on Monday!

You can buy my touhou variant cover, or you can buy Anton or Genzoman’s cover.

Amazon won’t link my titles, but those are easier to find in search than the Chen cover.

Shocking Dr. Seuss Update

eBay now seems to be confirming to sellers that a publisher allowing a book to be discontinued/go out of print means that book is now a prohibited item.

This is an astounding and chilling policy decision.

I can’t think of any way to change the course of big tech, can you?

YouTube Shooting: Nasim Aghdam's Father Called Police Concerned About Her  Anger At Company – CBS Los Angeles