Wild Stars Noise Stream #1

For various reasons, I wasn’t actually able to stream this live, but it was recorded live on Saturday and uploaded about an hour later.

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Short Reviews – Garden of Evil, by Margaret St. Clair

[originally posted here at Castalia House]

Garden of Evil by Margaret St. Clair appeared in the Summer 1949 issue of Planet Stories. It can be read here at Archive.org.garden-of-evil

Garden of Evil is a short, sweet, absolutely delicious swipe at anthropologists.

When I had finally read some of Vance’s Gaean Reach, I had an “aha” moment—“So, THIS is what LeGuin was trying to do with her Hainish books!” I see now that she may have stolen a bit from Margaret St. Clair, as well. Given how awful the last Hainish book I read was, I probably won’t be reading any more LeGuin soon, but St. Clair is on my list.

Ericson is an ethnographer on the planet Fyhon, a lush world that is roughly equivalent to Cenozoic Earth, who’s recovering from violent drug addiction with the help of a green-eyed, green-skinned native girl named Mnathl. Ericson had gotten hooked on byhror, something similar to the coca plant, which he used to give him the strength and endurance he needed to return from a failed solo expedition into the wilds of the southern continent.

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Varra, the Enchantress of Venus ~ Lines — StarlitDen

Let there be more lines for the pinups of the Illustrated Stark: 70th Anniversary of Leigh Brackett’s characters we did for the volumes published by Cirsova Publishing. Here are Varra’s lines! The heroine of the second volume and her silver curls. Click on the image captions to visit their respective posts and additional info! Fancy […]

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Clarification on the Wild Stars IndieGoGo Situation

IndieGoGos aren’t cancelled the way that Kickstarters are.

If you backed the Wild Stars IndieGoGo, you’ll still get everything you backed for.

We’ve had issues with ginning up any sort of significant interest, though, and are going back to square one with a more streamlined campaign which will launch soon.

You can still back the current IndieGoGo, however. In fact, I suggest you do, since you will be able to back for items which WILL NOT be available on the streamlined relaunch.


Michael Tierney & P. Alexander Talk Wild Stars on Shane Plays

If you missed it live, you can now catch the podcast version of our appearance from last Saturday on Shane Plays. Michael and I talk about his fantastic Wild Stars epic.

Also, I’ll be on the Superversive Sunday live stream with Ben Wheeler, so be sure to sub and tune in.

We really need our readers and supporters to back the Wild Stars IGG ASAP! We’ve only managed to raise $2k of our $8k goal, and… well, Cirsova Publishing REALLY needs to make this happen if we’re going to have any traction going into 2020!

Soon we’ll have the last cover from Mark Wheatley and the omnibus cover from Anton Oxenuk to show you!

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